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Common Plumbing Mistakes: What to look for

Many homeowners love to take a do-it-yourself approach to home repairs, and this includes plumbing repairs. The fact is that many common plumbing issues may be fixed with a wrench, a screwdriver or a plunger, but other issues require professional repair services if you want them done right. Plumbing issues that are not properly repaired can result in leaks, more significant plumbing damage and a host of other issues. Therefore, whether you are buying a new home, have recently purchased a home and are becoming familiar with your house or have lived in your home for years and want to know where you may have taken a misstep, consider these common plumbing mistakes.

Pipe Repairs: Many homeowners have attempted to repair a leaking pipe on their own in an effort to save money on plumbing repairs. However, mismatched materials, failing to properly seal fittings and more can result in issues over time. If your plumbing boasts two different types of materials or a spray-on sealant, you may consider calling a plumber to have the issue repaired right.

The Half-Way Approach: To complete many repairs properly, you may not have the right tools and equipment on-hand. For example, when you don’t use a level with a toilet installation, you run the risk of developing a toilet leak. If you tried to jerry rig the plumbing during a do-it-yourself remodeling project without using the right size of pipes, your water flow may be minimized or you may experience issues with waste removal. If you are aware of such issues in your home, call a plumber to have the issue repaired.

The fact is that simple plumbing tasks like replacing the shower head or plunging the toilet from time to time may be great do-it-yourself tasks for a homeowner, but other tasks are better left for professionals.