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Common Roof Repairs a Homeowner Should Know

There are several types of roof repairs a homeowner should know about. These repairs not only keep the roof leak proof, but make sure that it stays well insulated. A roof that’s too hot or too cold will raise energy bills more than is necessary during the heating and cooling seasons.

One type of repair is shingle repair or replacement if the shingles are broken, have deteriorated or have leaks. Shingles are repaired differently according to the material they’re made out of. Asphalt and rolled or built up roofing are fairly easy to repair, while clay tiles are difficult to repair, heavy to move, and easy to break. A roof that’s made out of slate also must be repaired with care, as slate is also liable to crack if it’s stepped on carelessly.

Another type of roof repair is the repair, maintenance and replacement of gutters and downspouts. Gutters should be inspected about twice a year, especially after heavy rains and when leaves begin to fall. Gutters must slope at a certain angle to make sure all water and debris are washed out, and if they don’t, they’ll need to be adjusted. Sometimes all the downspouts need are to be snaked out or have water from a hose blasted through them to dislodge clogs.

Flashing may also need to be repaired. Flashing is often made of metal and is bent around fixtures like vents or chimneys or is installed in the roof’s valleys. They’re especially subject to leakage, but can be easily repaired.