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How to Better Soundproof Your Home

Even the nicest home in the best of neighborhoods can feel like a giant noise machine if you do not use the proper soundproofing methods. There are several ways that you can better soundproof your home to make for a more peaceful living environment.

Construct your home with double walls and dropped ceilings. Many construction plans call for this anyway, but if yours doesn’t, it might be time to make some alterations. The extra space allows for extra air, which helps dissipate noise. The air halts noise because the particle density drops.

Insulate your home. Not only will good insulation help with heating and cooling bills, it helps keep noise from travelling in from outside or travelling between rooms. Use a batt insulation coupled with a homasote cellulose material for the best results.

Put up new doors. Adding heavy and solid wooden doors to all of your outside entrances will help keep the noise of barking dogs and traffic out of your home. If you have noisy children, replacing their bedroom doors with heavy ones will help noise within the home as well.

Plug up the cracks in your home. Holes in walls and leaks in windows lead to extra sounds coming into your home. Be sure to properly fix any holes in the walls. Even if your windows are hiqh-quality and double-paned, they will allow sound in if the frame is not properly installed. A better frame or even some extra weather stripping will help control outside volume.