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Signs of Improper Electrical Wiring

In the modern age, almost every home comes wired for electricity. Our thirst for power is evident in the array of different gadgets we use around the house. Therefore, proper wiring of electricity is essential to ensure good and safe service. Your electricity could be lost for periods of time with a faulty connection. At worst, poor wiring can be a fire hazard resulting in significant damage or even death of a loved one. Here are a few signs you should watch for to diagnose wiring problems.

  • Switches and wires that are charred or otherwise damaged indicate a short in the system which will generate large amount of heat and corrosion.
  • Melted wire insulation near a connection point can be indicative of poor wiring.
  • Relatively loose wires in the switchbox can be diagnosed by gently tugging. If they come out, then they are not likely forming a good connection.
  • Dulling of screws near the switch indicate a problem with corrosion which may be related to a short circuit.

It’s important to diagnose wiring problems as quickly as possible. Leaving them to chance can result in costly repairs or damage to your home. Should you find a significant problem with the wiring, you will want to bring in a professional to fix the problem. Electrical issues can lead to fatal accidents if you are not trained to properly handle the problem.