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Tips for Tiling Your Home

If you are considering installing tile in your own home, the following tips could prove useful.

Tip #1
Always lay your tile starting in the center of the room working your way out. This will allow your end tiles to be the same size when it’s time to cut them.

Tip #2
A solid foundation is the key to installing tile that will last a lifetime. Make sure the foundation is level by either using a filling compound to fill any holes or low spots or by laying down a backer board first.

Tip #3
Less grout could be better. Wide grout lines can cause later problems such as fading and discoloration. It can also be hard to clean. Considering spacing your tile closely together to eliminate come of the problems caused by wide grout lines.

Tip #4
A wet tile saw is always better than trying to cut your tile by scoring it. Not only will you have cleaner cut edges with a tile saw, but you are less likely to break any tile too.

Tip #5
You get what you pay for when it comes to tile. The cheapest tile is made from poor quality materials, can be very thin and can easily break. Find a tile that is suitable for its purpose and reasonably priced. Look for sales during such holidays as July 4, Labor Day and Memorial Day.