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What is Dry Rot and How do I Fix it?

Are you a homeowner who has recently discovered that the nasty condition of dry rot has crept into various surfaces of your home? Dry rot is a fungus that destroys wood, causing the area to literally crumble when pressure is applied to it. The problem develops when unprotected wood is exposed to a damp environment over an extended period of time. If the affected area is not completely removed, the fungus will continue to spread into any surrounding wood in direct contact with it.

The most effective fix for dry rot is to completely remove the affected area, replace it with new wood and eliminate the source of moisture from the area. If the rotted wood is located in a supporting structure, the best advice for a homeowner is to hire a professional contractor to fix the problem. If the problem area is relatively small, most homeowners should have the ability to do the work themselves.

It is important to determine the source of the moisture that caused the problem in the first place. Perhaps a rain gutter is not moving drain water away from the structure efficiently, or there may not be adequate ventilation in an attic. It is just as important to eliminate the source of unwanted moisture as it is to remove and replace the rotted wood. It is essential that repairs which are exposed to the elements also be painted with a high quality, weather resistant outdoor paint.