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Why Hire a General Contractor Instead of All Your Own Tradesmen?

A general contractor is a professional who overlooks a building project or a remodel. The general contractor is responsible for hiring and scheduling subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians and cabinetmakers. He or she manages the workers and makes sure that the work follows the building plans and adheres to whatever local building codes are in effect. Good general contractors in Miami, will have some years of experience, will understand the requirements of a kitchen or bathroom remodel and will come highly recommended by former clients.

A homeowner in the south Florida area who wants their kitchen or bathroom remodeled can hire their own subcontractors and schedule, supervise and pay them, but this is very time consuming and can be a major headache. A general contractor understands the ins and outs of remodeling in the area. They’re fully licensed, bonded and insured. Unlike many laypersons, they can read blueprints and are familiar with all the building codes. A general contractor will make sure their subcontractors are in possession of all permits they’ll need to work on a customer’s home. They will, of course, draw up a detailed and written contract with their customer.

Most excellent general contractors are in high demand.  It is always good practice for a homeowner to put in a request well in advance of when they want their project to commence.